Frog Ramps

We have developed the Frog Ramp to help frogs, toads and other amphibians to escape from potential traps such as ponds, cattle grids or drain gulleys. Amphibians are vulnerable to spaces with smooth, steep sides as they tend to fall into them and are then unable to escape.

The Frog Ramp consists of two metal strips perforated with square footholds. The lower section has an angled foot to make it easier for amphibians to get on to the ramp, and wooden guides on each side to allow the higher section to slide out to the required length. There is a securing hook suitable for standard 30mm mesh at the very top of the ramp to hold it in position.

Available in two lengths to cover most situations: the short version is for lengths of 15 - 60cm, the long version is for lengths of 50 -120cm.

This product is available through our corporate partnership with CJ Wildlife.  Froglife receives a commission on this and any other items purchased using the link below.  For Postage costs please refer to CJ Wildlife website.

Price: £17.99

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